About Us

At ITG Business Travel, we've dedicated over two decades to refining the art of business travel. Our business thrives on strong customer partnerships and the belief that our people's expertise is our greatest asset. We're committed to providing not just travel solutions, but experiences that are seamless, efficient, and tailored to our clients' needs.
Our foundations are reinforced by our leading-edge, in-house technology, positioning us at the forefront of industry innovation. The combination of our seasoned expertise and technological capabilities enables us to deliver exceptional travel experiences.
Industry leading travel consultants
Best in class online booking tool
Full visibility and control of spend
Our people

At the heart of ITG is our people. With over 20 years of experience, our team is not just skilled in the intricacies of travel management; they are passionate advocates for making every journey as seamless as possible.

They are the architects of your travel experiences, dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions that exceed expectations every time. Together, we're not just experienced; we're a family committed to ensuring your travel booking experience is exceptional time and time again.

Our customers

Our customer base is as diverse as the destinations we connect them to. From Oil and Gas to Pharmaceuticals, we take pride in providing travel solutions for a wide array of clients.

This diversity fuels our innovation and deepens our understanding of different industries' unique travel needs, ensuring we deliver personalised, top-tier service to every traveler who entrusts their journey to us.

We're everyone's new best friend
Travel Managers
Our platform is designed to simplify your role. Streamline bookings, manage policies and access real-time data for informed decision-making, making your travel management tasks efficient and effective.
No more travel hassles. Our user-friendly interface ensures smooth bookings and efficient timely service, enhancing your travel experience and allowing you to focus more time on your business objectives.
Human Resources
Simplify employee travel coordination. Our platform offers a central hub for managing travel policies, ensuring compliance and nurturing a seamless travel process - increasing your team's efficiencies.
Finance Directors
Gain control over travel expenditures. Our comprehensive reporting and cost analysis tools empower you to optimise budgets and make strategic financial decisions - all in one place.
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